The Potential in Chinese Coins

The Chinese Coin remains as one of the most sought-after numismatic piece among avid coin collectors.

Chinese coins appraised for their authenticity and rarity make wise investments as their steadily increasing worth far outweighs its cost. Even financial experts deem Chinese coinage as possessing true asset value.

Safer than Bullion

Chinese coins are an ideal choice for greater diversification of your investment portfolio. Ownership of these coins allows one to spread investment risk compared to solely investing in bullion.

The market value of the Chinese Coin is not primarily determined by spot price, but also by scarcity, theme and popularity. This makes it a stable commodity.

Chinese Coin prices continue to appreciate in value despite a decline in spot price, due to its consistently high demand.

Excellent Growth Potential

In the last five years, the Chinese Coin exhibited an upward trend, with its appraised value collectively averaging two times its original worth.

The value of extremely rare and culturally significant Chinese coinage has doubled every 5 to 6 months in the last two years. Certain commemorative coins have also yielded an increase of 6 to 8 times its initial worth within the same period.

Growing Collectors Market in China and Worldwide

With China having the largest population in the world, there is an ever-present market for the Chinese Coin collector. Although China Mint has increased the mintage of coins issued in recent years, Chinese coins are still considered low mintage with a steadily growing collectors’ market in China.

Wide Variety of Series for Exploration and Collection

Ardent coin collectors can enjoy exploring the various themes on Chinese coins which include, but are not limited to, culture, history, zodiac, technology and significant political figures.

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