Investment Plan: Capital Growth Plan

Key Features

  • A rare opportunity – benefit from an investment in rare, prestige, heritage assets with a track record of stability and success
  • Excellent growth potential
  • Unlike bonds or gilts, returns are not fixed but are open-ended
  • Invest your capital then relax. Stanley Gibbons do all the work to maximise your return; you don’t need insider knowledge - they will put their 150 years of expertise to work for you
  • 5 or 10 year term – An investment to hold onto giving you a better chance of stronger returns over the medium to long term
  • Early exit option – After a minimum period of 1 year, option to exit your investment early should you need to
  • A choice of asset classes for greater diversification, spread of risk and a better chance of stronger returns
  • Prestige collectibles historically rose in value during previous recessions and have continued to rise in value – they expect this to continue
  • Further security – they fully insure and store your portfolio for you (free of charge)
  • No annual charges, management fees, nor any other charge for the term of your investment
  • With the CGP, Stanley Gibbons only make a return if you do - the only charge theymake is a 20% commission on the profit (not on the investment sum)
  • Secure investing in uncertain times


About the Capital Growth Plan

The Capital Growth Plan offers you the best chance of higher returns from any of the investment products.

It offers you the stability and security inherent in the underlying asset class.

Another key benefit, unlike many traditional investment products, there are no management fees, no annual or transaction charges and equally, no storage or insurance charges on Stanley Gibbons investment products.This structure gives you the opportunity for higher returns.

In addition to that, the only fee payable to Stanley Gibbons is a performance related commission of 20% of any profit made over and above your initial investment; you retain 80% of any profit. Stanley Gibbons only gain if you do.

This investment is ideal if you are looking for greater growth potential (particularly relevant in the current low interest rate environment), as well as peace of mind from knowing that you have invested in a tangible asset with a strong track record of performance and one that has no correlation with mainstream assets e.g. shares, gold and property. Historically, an investment in collectibles has been unaffected by market swings and economic vagaries.

Please note the Capital Growth Plan is a limited issue product; Stanley Gibbons rely on the availability of rare, prestige collectibles which are increasingly in high demand.

What is the Capital Growth Plan?

The Capital Growth Plan is – first and foremost – an investment in a specially-selected spread of prestige, investment-grade collectibles.This can include a balanced portfolio of rare stamps, coins, military medals and historical signatures. Your capital is largely ‘protected’ by the tangibility, scarcity and desirability of these products whilst benefiting from the underlying growth in the value of the assets that you purchase from us.

That’s another one of the beauties of an investment with Stanley Gibbons, 1) unlike bonds or gilts, your investment has no fixed return, rather it is uncapped, so you enjoy the benefit from any exceptional growth and 2) the moment you invest with us, you own tangible, heritage assets available to be traded, not some virtual ‘unit trust’ or share certificate.

Key Terms of the Investment Plan

  • Contract term of 5 or 10 years invested in an individual portfolio of collectibles as selected by Stanley Gibbons’ experts. Collectibles should be viewed as a medium to long term investment to achieve maximum growth.
  • Stanley Gibbons offer free storage, insurance and valuations for the duration of your contract.
  • At the end of your contract term, Stanley Gibbons will actively market your investment portfolio to clients at the full market value at that time.You will receive 80% of the profits on items sold.
  • Stanley Gibbons only charges a 20% commission on the value of the profit they earn for you. You retain 80% ofany profit on top of your original invested sum.
    Alternatively at the end of the contract term you have the following other key options:
    1. Subject to availability, roll over your contract for a further 5 years (or any other period agreed by Stanley Gibbons at its sole discretion).
    2. Instruct the Stanley Gibbons auction division to sell the stamps at its auction on your behalf, commission free; instruct Stanley Gibbons to auction your coins, medals or manuscripts through specially selected partner auctions, also commission free.
    3. Retain your portfolio.
    4. Choose to sell your portfolio privately.
    5. Sell the stamps to Stanley Gibbons at a price equal to 75% of catalogue value at that time; sell your other collectibles back to Stanley Gibbons at an agreed market value.
    6. Stanley Gibbons offer an early exit opportunity provided you have held your investment for a minimum period of 1 year. At any time after the initial period, you can request Stanley Gibbons to either auction your items or to market your items in return for a 50% share of profit on any sale.

This investment offers you :

  • The security of investing in rare, tangible assets that are sought by discerning collectors and investors the world over.
  • Full portfolio selection and account management for your peace of mind.
  • The flexibility to sell before the end of the term, if you require.
  • The lowest ‘trading spread’ in any of the investment products Stanley Gibbons has, so your returns are better.

How the Capital Growth Plan can work for you?

The table below shows your potential returns under a range of different scenarios. The illustration assumes an initial investment of £100,000:


The table above illustrates that should the prices of rare stamps and other collectibles continue to appreciate by 10% per annum over the next 5 or 10 years.

This illustration assumes a simple 10% per annum growth rate, whilst historic growth levels have shown compound growth of 10% per annum.

Your return based on a compound increase in value of 10% per annum over 5 years would be 61%.


Interested in applying for this plan?

If you have any questions and would like to have clarified, please email us at – or call (65) 6336 6326 and talk to an Investment Portfolio Manager, who may give you a greater insight than is possible here.

You can apply for this Portfolio Builder through Singapore Gold Coins Investment Pte. Ltd., who is an appointed authorised dealer in stamps and other philatelic goods supplied by Stanley Gibbons.

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