Investment Plan: Portfolio Builder

Key Features

  • Lowest Entry Point - Get involved in the buoyant rare stamp market with a minimum £1,000 initial payment & the equivalent of £100 a month direct debit thereafter (£300 a quarter).
  • Excellent growth potential - Average annual compound growth in the past 40 years of 11% per annum – if the trend continues, you could turn your deposit plus £100 a month into £200,000+.
  • You control your investment - Although Stanley Gibbons will guide you on the type of items you should be looking to place in your portfolio, ultimately this will be your portfolio, and you can have the final say in building your own collection.
  • No tie in period after 1 year - Absolute flexibility to buy and sell at any time after the first year to achieve your investment objectives.
  • Benefit from Stanley Gibbons’ Expertise - Stanley Gibbons offers you a proactive service in assisting you to select the right items of the best quality for investment purposes.
  • Recession-proof investing - Rare stamps historically increased in value during previous recessions and periods of economic and political instability.They have continued to rise in value during the current recession, providing healthy and stable returns for investors.


The Perfect Retirement Plan

You are able to subscribe for a minimum £1,000 initial payment, with the equivalent of £100 a month thereafter (£300 quarterly direct debit) and you can top this up at any time. Stamp collectors have used this method for generations to build a valuable collection and a family heirloom to be proud of.

Assuming the continued buoyancy of the stamp market and continued growth of 10% year on year† (not guaranteed of course), you could turn the equivalent of an annual £1,000 deposit plus £100 a month into a pot of more than £200,000 over 30 years. See page 6 for an illustration of returns.

Portfolio Builder service offers you the perfect way to build a collection of a rare, tangible asset with long term investment potential, enjoying some of the guarantees on re-purchase by Stanley Gibbons normally only offered to larger investment clients. Investors are permitted to select their own stamps for their portfolio from the listing of recommended investment grade items, if they choose, to provide the best opportunity of good long term investment returns.

The ability to make regular contributions to your investment provides the opportunity for canny but cautious investors looking to diversify part of their retirement plan into a non-correlated asset class to avoid the systematic pressures prevalent within traditional investments such as equities and property.

You also have the added security of dealing with the market leader – Stanley Gibbons - the number one, global brand name in stamp collecting for over 150 years. As the market leader, Stanley Gibbons can source the finest investment-grade rare stamps; no one else has that reach and purchasing power – nor such a stringent adherence to quality as evidenced by Stanley Gibbons' Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity offered on all their purchases.

Key Terms of the Investment Plan

  • No fixed term contract. Flexibility to buy and sell individual items within your portfolio at any time.
  • Stanley Gibbons can advise you on the best considered exit route to maximise your potential returns.
  • Stanley Gibbons offer free storage and insurance for the duration of your investment under a policy with Stanley Gibbons as the insured.

Instead of storing the stamps in the Stanley Gibbons secure facility, the investor may keep the stamps at their home or elsewhere. However, in this case, if at the point when you seek to sell your portfolio the condition of any of the stamps has deteriorated from its condition at the original purchase date from Stanley Gibbons, this would be reflected in your realisation value.

Stanley Gibbons will provide full guidance in selecting your investment portfolio and ongoing advice for both buying and selling.When you wish to sell, Stanley Gibbons will offer you the following options to realise the best price in the market at that time:

  1. Sell the stamps to Stanley Gibbons at a price equal to 75% of catalogue value at that time.
  2. Instruct Stanley Gibbons’ auction division to sell the stamps at its auction on your behalf, commission free (subject to minimum holding period of 1 year)
  3. Stanley Gibbons will actively market your investment portfolio to clients at the full market value at that time.You will receive 50% of the profits on itemssold or 70% if you go for the Platinum Portfolio Builder.

Illustration of Returns

The table below illustrates your potential returns based on an example Portfolio Builder starting in 2000 and measures the portfolio performance over the 11 years since.

The illustration assumes an initial investment of £1,750 followed by quarterly direct debits of £300 thereafter.

The table also illustrates the performance over a 11 year period from the type of rare stamps, which Stanley Gibbons would recommend for inclusion in Portfolio Builder service.Total contributions during the 11 year period of £14,350, resulted in a portfolio of rare stamps with a catalogue value of £34,400 in 2011.

In this example, the value of the portfolio is more than double the cash invested during the 11 year contribution period.

[*Click on image to view larger]

This portfolio for illustration purposes represented a diversified portfolio of rare stamps across a broad range of areas of philatelic interest. You may choose to specialise if you wish to focus on an area of particular philatelic interest.

Some examples of classic GB stamps taken from the portfolio illustration above:


The Platinum Portfolio Builder

For those looking for a larger regular investment with potentially stronger returns, this will be a good option for this plan.

The Platinum Portfolio Builder is fundamentally the same as the Portfolio Builder in that you choose what contributions to make both to start with and over time and your wealth builds steadily. The big difference is in the structure of the plan and the returns you make on exit. To give your Platinum Portfolio Builder a stronger start and to increase your chances of healthier future returns, Stanley Gibbons have changed 2 key conditions: The minimum investment for the Platinum Portfolio Builder is £10,000 to start, followed by contributions of £1,500 a quarter, though you can increase and flex these sums at any time to suit you.

Stronger exit options to give you an even better return - with the standard Portfolio Builder Stanley Gibbons charge you a commission on the sale of your items; split the profit on the sale with you 50/50.

However, with the Platinum Portfolio Builder, Stanley Gibbons offer you 70% of the profit, improving your return substantially.


Interested in applying for this plan?

If you have any questions and would like to have clarified, please email us at – or call (65) 6336 6326 and talk to an Investment Portfolio Manager, who may give you a greater insight than is possible here.

You can apply for this Portfolio Builder through Singapore Gold Coins Investment Pte. Ltd., who is an appointed authorised dealer in stamps and other philatelic goods supplied by Stanley Gibbons.

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