Investment Plan: The New Flexible Trading Portfolio

Key Features

  • No minimum holding period - You can trade your stamps whenever you want.
  • Excellent growth potential - Average annual compound growth in the past 40 years of over 10% per annum, according to the Bloomberg-listed GB30 Rarities Index.
  • Benefit from Stanley Gibbons’ expertise - You will enjoy a proactive and dedicated service from Stanley Gibbons' professional portfolio managers designed to realise the best prices for your investment when you choose to sell.
  • Enhanced profit split - Hold for a long period and benefit from an enhanced profit split, up to 80% on top of your original investment.
  • Buy and sell at any time - Enabling you to benefit from the liquidity in the rare stamp market at this time to achieve shorter-term investment returns.You can now add to your portfolio at any time.
  • Recession-proof investing - Rare stamps historically increased in value during previous recessions and periods of economic and political instability.They have continued to rise in value during the current recession, providing healthy and stable returns for investors.


What are Flexible Trading Portfolios?

The Flexible Trading Portfolios are, first and foremost, an investment in rare stamps.

Your investment is protected through a formal agreement entered into with Stanley Gibbons, providing you with a number of specific protections and benefits, including Stanley Gibbons Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.

The primary benefit of the New Flexible Trading Portfolio is that you can sell items within your portfolio and re-invest the proceeds of sale at any time to take advantage of market trends.You can also add to your portfolio at any time to boost your returns further.

The fact is, although the market for the top rare stamps rises by 10% per annum on average, individual items can increase in value at a much higher rate.

Conversely, individual items can remain flat in any 12 month period.The prices of rare stamps tend to rise in “step movements” periodically and do not offer annual straightline growth patterns.

With this product though, you can work this to your advantage by selling your winners after a jump in price.You can hold on to items not yet rising in value to wait for the next jump in price.

You can choose to exit your investment at any time and Stanley Gibbons undertakes to utilise their expertise to sell the stamps within your portfolio to other clients through their extensive database of stamp collectors around the world.

The ideal is to hold onto your portfolio and trade your winners to crystallise gains. Then, re-invest your proceeds into other fine items compounding your overall returns.

For added peace of mind and to retain the stamps in perfect condition, for the duration of your investment holding period, Stanley Gibbons will insure the stamps for you and store them in a secure vault free of charge.

This plan is for you if:

  • You don’t want to be tied in to a long term contract.
  • You want to enjoy the opportunity to trade your stamps or top up at any time.
  • You would benefit from a more dedicated management service from Stanley Gibbons.
  • You’re looking for the perfect introduction to rare stamp investment. No previous stamp knowledge is required, and your only decision is when to sell and whether to re-invest your investment returns with Stanley Gibbons.

Key Terms of the Investment Plan

  • A portfolio of rare stamps compiled by Stanley Gibbons’ experts
  • No tie-in period - sell individual items (or your entire portfolio) or top up whenever you like. Stanley Gibbons would strongly recommend a minimum holding period though of 5 years to allow the opportunity to benefit from market growth
  • Stanley Gibbons provides free storage, valuations and insurance during the term of your investment
  • An annual valuation provided by Stanley Gibbons with an investment appraisal conducted by Stanley Gibbons experts to offer you the best advice on when to sell
  • Your profit is determined by when you sell after the purchase date:
    1. Up to 1 year – 30% of the profit
    2. 1 to 3 years – 50% of the profit
    3. 3 to 5 years – 70% of the profit
    4. Over 5 years – 80% of the profit

An entrepreneurial investment in the rare stamp market

The Flexible Trading Portfolio provides investors with the opportunity to make shorter-term returns whilst still benefiting from the compelling long term returns available in the rare stamp market. Stanley Gibbons recommend a minimum 5 year investment, increasing the chance of stronger returns.

This investment is ideal if you feel uncomfortable with a tie in to a long-term contract. You are able to trade your stamps and to take advantage of movements in the market when they arise, retaining the complete control over your investment at all times.

Please note: Flexible Trading Portfolios are a strictly limited subscription product. Availability is restricted by Stanley Gibbons ability to source the finest investment grade stamps where Stanley Gibbons believe liquidity in the market is sufficient to support a potential shorter-term exit horizon.

How this plan can work for you?

Short Term:

In May 2011 an investor invested £252,090 in a portfolio of 39 rare stamps.Three months later that same portfolio was sold for £268,170 giving the investor a return of 6.4%.The same investor then re-invested £267,200 in September 2011 and saw that investment turn into £282,200 in January 2012.

Longer Term:

SG132 £1 brown-lilac, one of five known examples, sold by Stanley Gibbons in 2006 for £80,000. A similar item was sold five years later for £140,000, giving an investment return of 75%. After deducting the Stanley Gibbons commission, the client would have received a profit of £48,000.

An illustration of returns:

The below shows an historic 5 year performance example and how the Flexible Trading Portfolio can dramatically increase your overall returns.


  1. Example portfolio based on typical trends in actual portfolios from historic experience
  2. Assume simplistic strategy adopted of selling items when returns reach average of 10% per annum and re-investment of proceeds in additional examples of those in list not showing target return.


Interested in applying for this plan?

If you have any questions and would like to have clarified, please email us at – or call (65) 6336 6326 and talk to an Investment Portfolio Manager, who may give you a greater insight than is possible here.

You can apply for this Portfolio Builder through Singapore Gold Coins Investment Pte. Ltd., who is an appointed authorised dealer in stamps and other philatelic goods supplied by Stanley Gibbons.

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