China gold coins to remain bullish in the long run - Jim Rogers

(Source: China Gold Coins Incorporation)


On July 21, 2013, Mr. Jim Rogers, a global renowned investor, met up with the General Manager of China Gold Coin Incorporation, Mr. Shan Jian Sheng in Hong Kong. He strongly believes that the Chinese coins would remain bullish in the coming years.

    Mr. Rogers likes Chinese gold and silver coins, especially the panda coin that has a strong significance on the Chinese culture. Back in the 1980s, when the Chinese gold and silver coins were first issued, Mr. Rogers started buying the panda gold coins in 1982 and annually thereafter buying the whole set. He feels that gold coins have high appreciation potential, and are of long-term holding. Mr. Rogers loves the panda coins so much that even his two daughters’ bracelets are inlaid with 1/4 oz Gold Panda coins. Mr. Rogers also said that he loves the oriental culture, Chinese gold and silver coins are the Chinese cultural media. He not only buys panda coins for his own, but also mobilized his friends to buy and collect. He said excitedly that the recently released Buddha statues of Putuo Mountain commemorative gold coins vividly demonstrated the charm of Chinese culture that he has always been in love with and has touched him deeply.

    Mr. Rogers also expressed his views on the gold market trends. The best time to enter the market is when the market is unstable. The global economy currently is in a downward trend, given the US debt, the dollar will not be the safest bet. He is expecting a long-term growing trend in gold price for the coming ten years or even longer.
     On behalf of China Gold Coin Corporation and China Great Wall Investments Ltd, Mr Shan Jian Sheng welcomes and values Mr. Rogers as a loyal collector as well as a passionate promoter. He also asked Mr. Rogers to trust that China Gold Coin Corporation will continuously introduce more fine gold and silver coins to meet both domestic and foreign market investment demands.

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