China Great Wall Coins Investment Ltd (China Mint)

China Great Wall Coins Investments Ltd is a fully-ownded subsidiary of China Coin Inc. set up under the People's Bank of China in Hong Kong. Its purpose is to serve as the main channel to distribute precious metals commemorative coins to overseas markets.

Founded in 1988, the company mainly operated in selling Chinese Modern precious metal commemorative coins, common metal commemorative coins and commemorative banknotes, while also undertaking national commemorative coins, and to participate in the international gold market trading business.

Since its establishment, China Great Wall Coins Investments Ltd. have been constantly expand its business to overseas markets, and have since built an extensive relationship with different nations' coin distributing agencies, attaining a certain status and influence in the international market.

Several commemorative coins that the company distributed becomes very popular in the international market. Some examples are Panda Coins, Zodiac series coins, coins that commemorate the return of Hong Kong to China, Beijing 2008 Commemorative coins, etc.

Under the guidance of China Coin Inc., China Great Wall Coins Investment Ltd. will continue to actively explore the overseas markets, so as to reach out to more coin enthusiasts around the world with Chinese Commemorative Coins.

Singapore Gold Coins Investment Pte. Ltd. is proud to be the authorised distributor for China Panda Gold and Silver Coins in Singapore.


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