Stanley Gibbons

The very first stamp was issued in 1840, the same year that Edward Stanley Gibbons was born.

Over 150 years later, Stanley Gibbons Ltd is the market leader in the stamp collecting market and the Gibbons name is synonymous with the hobby. Their catalogues are considered the standard reference guide for the stamp collecting world.

Stanley Gibbons Ltd were awarded the Royal Warrant by King George V in 1914 and continue to hold the Warrant to this day. They have also been awarded the Queen’s Award for ‘Industry for Export Achievement’.

Located at 399 Strand, across the street from the Savoy Hotel on the River Thames, Stanley Gibbons houses a stock of more than 1 million stamps including a range of specialist items principally from Great Britain and the Commonwealth countries. No other stamp dealer comes close to the quantity and quality of stock and level of expertise that they offer.

Stanley Gibbons set up a designated Investment Department during 2003 to cope with increased interest in rare collectibles as an investment following a wave of positive press. The Department, which has grown considerably since inception, now has rare stamp and autograph portfolios of over £60 million under management, with a £12 million 'Wants List' from collectors for rare items.

Singapore Gold Coins Investment Pte. Ltd is proud to be appointed as an authorised distributor in stamps and other philatelic goods supplied by Stanley Gibbons.


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