2012 China Panda Coin – 1 kilo Silver (Proof)

  • 2012 China Panda Coin – 1 kilo Silver (Proof)
  • 2012 China Panda Coin – 1 kilo Silver (Proof)
  • 2012 China Panda Coin – 1 kilo Silver (Proof)
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Retail Price S$2,400.00 S$2,494.80
Silver Member S$2,400.00 S$2,494.80
Gold Member S$2,380.00 S$2,474.01

Chinese Panda gold and silver coins have become one of the major investment bullion coins in the world coin market. The panda coins are characterized not only by their investability but also by their collectability for the design of the panda. The change of design every year increases the artistic attraction and collective value of the China Panda Coin. The China Panda Coin is one of the most important coin programs each year in China. As the unique rare animal in China, the panda has black and white fur, black eyes and charmingly naive manners. Chinese people regard the panda as a national treasure. World Wildlife Fund uses the image of a panda as its logo, bringing world fame to the panda.

Benefits of Investing in China Panda Coins

  • Legal tender issued by People’s Republic of China and first launched in 1982. Year 2012 is the 30th anniversary of the Panda Coin series.
  • One of the top five bullion coins in the world.
  • Low mintage compared to other world investment coins, such American Eagle Ocean, Canada Maple Leaf etc.
  • The collector's market for China Panda Coins is expanding over the year in China and rest of the world.
  • The China Panda Coin not only features a universally appealing subject, but each year (expect for year 2002) carries a different design.

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About the 2012 China Panda Coin Set

The panda coin bear the common obverse of  the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests (The Temple of Heaven), the title of the  People’s Republic of China and the year 2012.

The reverse design depicts a mother panda and her baby and the face value.

The set is minted by Shenzhen Guobao Coin Co., Ltd., Shenyang Coin Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Coin Co., Ltd

People’s Bank of China has planned to issue one set of 2012 Panda Gold & Silver Commemorative Coin on November 30, 2011. The set includes 10 coins, 7 gold and 3 silver, all as statutory currency of People’s Republic of China.

Material Silver
Weight 1kg
Mintage (pcs) 20,000
Diameter (mm) 100
Face Value 300 Yuan
Fineness (%) 99.9
Country China
Quality Proof
Shape Round
Year of Issue 2012
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