2014 Year of the Horse 5oz Gold Coin (Colorized)

  • 2014 Year of the Horse 5oz Gold Coin (Colorized)
  • 2014 Year of the Horse 5oz Gold Coin (Colorized)
  • 2014 Year of the Horse 5oz Gold Coin (Colorized)
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The Chinese Zodiac coin series was first issued by the People’s Bank of China in 1981. Minted in precious metal, these commemorative coins honour tradition, culture and the spirit of the times.

According to the Chinese Almanac, 2014 is the Year of the Horse or Jia Wu.

To commemorate this, an exclusive series of gold and silver coins has been launched, bearing the design of the Zodiac.


Aesthetic Worth and Recognition

Beautifully forged with the richness of traditional folk culture, the series exhibits distinctive craftsmanship and zodiac artistry.

Because of its aesthetic qualities, the Chinese Zodiac coin series have drawn much attention and admiration amongst collectors, making it a significant currency in the market of contemporary Chinese numismatic coinage in precious metal.

The series has also received the acclaimed Chinese Handicraft Hundred Flowers award – the highest award in China for arts and crafts, amidst other accolades

Significance of the Horse

Considered one of the most popular Zodiac animals, the Horse is highly regarded in the Chinese culture for its rich symbolism and meaning.

The Horse symbolizes vitality – a valuable spiritual wealth for the aged – and unremitting self-improvement, representing the spirit of a nation that strives for progress in the midst of adversity.

Ancient ancestry also holds the belief that the Horse, like the Dragon, embodies benevolence and its vigour like the unyielding spirit of the Yellow River. As an exemplification for its ancestral descendants, the Horse represents the true spirit of the Chinese nation and its highest ethics.

The Horse also represents ability, high intellect, moral value, and talent. It is also a symbol of recognition for an individual who contributes to society.

16 Designs in One Series

Officially launched on 10 October 2013, the 2014 Year of the Horse (Jia Wu) series showcases a set of 16 coin designs, consisting of nine gold coins and seven silver coins.

This would be the sixth set incorporating the latest design artwork, first used in 2009.

The commemorative coinage is considered a legitimate currency of the People’s Republic of China.

Material Gold
Weight 5oz
Mintage (pcs) 3,000
Diameter (mm) 60
Face Value 2.000 yuan
Fineness (%) 99.9
Country China
Quality Proof
Shape Round
Year of Issue 2014
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