Rewards and Tier Pricing

Every member will enjoy lower prices with our tier pricing scheme for bullion products.

Each member will have their total amount of weight bought from SGCoins for gold and silver accumulated respectively. Over the time, as the member buy more bullion products from us, the member will be able to purchase at the next tier of pricing of the product.

Below is an illustration of how it works.

For example, a 1oz Silver Bullion Coin have the following Tier Price Chart:

A member has already bought 29 ounces of silver bullion from us some time back, and he has come back to purchase more from us.


And because this is a 1oz Silver Bullion Coin, the next piece of 1oz Silver Bullion Coin he buy from us and onwards will be at the 2nd tier price, until he accumulates to more than 119oz of silver bullion and he will purchase the 120thoz at the 3rd tier price, so on and so forth.


Buy more to save more and earn more!

*Note: Prices of bullion products are based on current Gold and Silver spot prices in the market. You may find that the prices are always different each time you visit the page, including in your Shopping Cart. You will only lock-in the prices for 10 minutes after you have selected your payment method, and by confirming your order by clicking on "Confirm Order".


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